Moving beyond Patient Satisfaction: Empathy Can Go Long Way

Fred Lee, author and former senior-level hospital administrator and Disney University cast member, speaks about patient satisfaction at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Summit.

It’s a small world after all – especially when the topic is building patient loyalty.

That’s the uncommon, but recognizable wisdom a best-selling author who had the dual and enviable distinction of working at Disney and as a top executive at a major medical center had for a gathering of international healthcare leaders at the Bupa Global Providers Summit, Saturday, in Las Vegas. The inaugural Bupa Summit kicked off the 6th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, Nov. 3-6, at Caesar’s Palace.

“We will never go from good to great as long as we think we are only in the service business,” said Fred Lee, a nationally recognized patient consultant and author of  “If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently,” who used examples from his professional experiences to provide similarities between the Magic Kingdom and healthcare facilities.

Medical Tourism Congress Kicks Off

Lee told a group of more than 50 representatives from Bupa, a leading international health insurance provider with members in more than 190 countries, that both hospitals and Disney provide an “experience,” not just a service and that hospitals would be wise to emulate strategies that bring out the best behaviors in workers and provide the best emotional experience for patients. Continue reading “Moving beyond Patient Satisfaction: Empathy Can Go Long Way”