A New Frontier of Personal Growth

You should be just as excited as I am that that we’re breaking into a brand NEW frontier of personal growth… And it’s unlike anything we’ve covered before.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur pitching to investors,


Or a business owner with a service you want to get out to the world,


Or simply an employee who has a great idea you want to share with your company…


Personal growth leads to professional excellence. What does that mean?


Many people are not listening to intuition. I’m not trying to be ridiculous here, rather – intuition is a natural, practical thing we often avoid.


Intuition is the ability to tap into an altered state of mind to make better decisions at work and in life. It is exactly what we should be using these days when there is so much information being vaulted at every sense.


For me, better decisions seem to only be made when I align my personal goals to the professional ones.


When I balance risk with faith, I not only go after what makes good business sense, but I achieve what I believe is the right thing for my own personal growth.


That’s exactly what we did when we consolidated our conferences (Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress and World Medical Tourism Congress) under HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION.


The risk was the potential of losing your attention to our 10-year-old brands.


Faith proved that we did a pretty good job of making an impact in the world in each of the industries we represent – self-funding, corporate wellness, voluntary benefits, healthcare reform, and medical travel – how could you stop following us?


If you told me ten years ago I would travel to 90 countries and talk about healthcare and insurance, I would have said you were crazy.


Now I can say it’s what I have always dreamed of. Intuition tells me there’s a lot to come and to keep pushing the line forward and setting the new bar.


That’s what all of us should do. Set your own new bar. Expand your career, expand your business, and expand your reach.


One way to do that is to participate in HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION, an experience in an ecosystem of people just like you.


Take a workshop, get certified, schedule meetings and bring you’re “A-game.” Don’t exchange business cards – share your story and engage in new relationships that align with your personal and professional goals.


Most importantly, follow your intuition as to your next best steps towards personal and professional growth.


Do you know what my intuition said?


It told me that my husband Jon and I need to get personal with our audience again, because that’s what took us to the point where we are now operating as an international organization.


It told me that this new series of emails, such as this one, are so crucial in being able to do that – to connect back with you on a one-to-one level.


And it told me that at this year’s conference in less than 90 days, I need to make it a point to shake your hand in person.


It’s because of you that our organization is here today.


Now, our intuition says that its your turn. It’s your turn to claim your share of success.


What does your intuition tell you?


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