Can the Media be used to Promote Health and Wellness?

Non-communicable diseases have increased significantly around the world as a result of lifestyle choices, but people are beginning to wake up to the reality and take their health more seriously.  Much of this increase in awareness of the role health and wellness play is a result of media involvement in producing programs, documentaries and reality TV shows that are health related.

In Kenya, health and wellness is being promoted through a popular weight loss challenge TV show called,”Slimpossible”. The very successful TV show which is now in its 4th season is the Kenyan version of the “Biggest Loser” show.  The TV show is a 12 week program that includes a holistic approach to wellness using scientifically proven methods of weight loss in obese women. The TV show which has run successfully for the last 3 years on one of the local stations in Kenya was predominantly a women’s weight loss show, but has seen an uproar in men feeling left out. Thus, the fourth season whose grand finale was on 2nd November 2013, had men and women competing for the top prize which is 1 Million Kenya shillings for the person who loses the most weight the healthy way.

At this year’s 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (Sept 20-24 in DC), Lina Njoroge and Mwenesi Musalia will present this case study of this National Innovation which is addressing obesity in Kenya through media and advocacy especially in the urban population- a major cause of the rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases.  They will review scientific evidence for a targeted group for successful weight loss program in urban population in Kenya.  The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Reduce risk factors for chronic diseases through promotion of Wellness at the workplace
  2. Increase awareness and understanding of the influences of unhealthy lifestyle on health and the positive impact of preventive interventions
  3. Develop, strengthen and implement global, regional, national policies and action plans to improve diets and increased physical activity that are sustainable, comprehensive and actively engage all sectors
  4. Monitor science and promote research on diet and physical activity

Attendees will learn how collaborative efforts through the public, government institutions, private institutions and media can enhance the uptake of health tourism worldwide.  It is important to include educative measures and programs as a component of medical travel to empower potential travelers on the available health and wellness options and destinations.  They will also address how wellness programs can complement treatment plans for medical or surgical treatment.

Lina Njoroge is a Nutritionist and a Wellness consultant and has practiced for over 17 years. Lina is health columnist and a well-known TV personality who runs a popular Wellness TV show called “Slimpossible”.  Lina has experience working in the Government in Health care and has participated in developing many guidelines and policies in nutrition and HIV and also in strategic planning. CLICK HERE TO READ HER FULL BIOGRAPHY

Mwenesi Musalia is the General Manager of A& K Global Health, a health care management company that is one of the leading medical travel companies in Kenya. He has a lot of experience in health care provision and is involved in national forums for health care standards in Kenya and East Africa. He has a passion for growing Health tourism in Kenya to high standards.  CLICK HERE TO READ HIS FULL BIOGRAPHY.

CLICK HERE to register today for the 7th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Washington, DC September 21-24, 2014.

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