Bupa hosts Second Global Providers Summit at World Medical Tourism Congress


The Second Bupa Global Provider Summit, integrated in the 8th World Medical Tourism Congress (Orlando, Sep 27-30) allows participants to discuss the different drivers, including clinical quality, that have increased the competitiveness and differentiation in the provision of international healthcare services. The summit will present experiences from medical providers from around the world which have been successful in attracting international customers along the years. Additionally, the event will facilitate the discussion of the role that the different stakeholders (hospitals, doctors, accreditation bodies, international insurers) have played and should play in improving the quality of private healthcare services internationally.

“Private healthcare markets are expanding throughout the world, but, perhaps, nowhere as fast as those in emerging countries,” said Dr. Edison Vallejo, Director of Health & Benefits at Bupa Global in Latin America, the health insurer of some 14 million customers in more than 190 countries.  “With a growing mobile population, innovative insurance products and elimination of access barriers to quality healthcare, patients are increasingly seeking treatment in international markets that are better able to provide the higher level of service desired.”

Meet Healthcare Leaders

The event is directed to well-known hospitals that have become leaders in their respective markets for international customers as well as those institutions that see potential in developing and expanding their influence in this segment. The main audience of the Second Bupa Global Provider Summit is composed of Hospitals CEOs, Medical Directors, Directors of Clinical Quality, and Directors of International Departments who are interested in exploring clinical quality as one of the main differentiators to compete in the provision of healthcare services for an international clientele.


Quality Healthcare for International Patients

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to engage in the discussion of critical topics related to the provision of high quality healthcare services for international customers:

  • What have been the main factors that hospitals have implemented to attract international customers in different parts of the world in recent years?
  • What are the international standards in clinical outcomes that should be expected from top tier institutions? How can the best be validated?
  • What is the role of transparency in clinical institutions that service International patients?
  • How can all international stakeholders (hospitals, doctors, international insurers, accreditation bodies) participate to deliver evidence based, affordable healthcare to the international community?
  • Will there be a role for further evolution towards regional hubs or centers of clinical excellence worldwide as a way to maximize resources, increase quality and deliver better outcomes to the international customer?

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