Welcome AngioScreen For Better Health as Bronze Sponsor of the 8th WMTC

Angiology Corporation of America, established in 2006, is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Angiology Corporation of America (ACA) business model is based on the premise that the health care system is in the early stages of a major transformation in which more attention will be focused on prevention of illness.  ACA created a unique consumer based mobile preventative health screening process and model. 

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Corazon is a recognized leader in strategic heart and vascular program development, assisting clients through the Full Spectrum of cardiovascular consulting and recruitment services from feasibility studies and business planning through clinical readiness and all facets of a successful implementation, including executive and physician search. Corazon combines business, operations, market, and financial expertise to deliver a service that is Unique in the cardiovascular industry.

The importance of AngioScreen’s attendace at the 8th WMTC

Heart attack, stroke and vascular disease is the number one killer of both men and women worldwide. The need for a low cost, effective, mobile heart attack and stroke preventative health and early detection risk stratification strategy transcends all borders. The goal of exhibiting at the 8th World Medical Tourism Congress is to introduce the newest technology in mobile non-invasive vascular screening. (Rhonda Small, CEO Angiology Corporation of America) 

A screening program that helps identify those with obesity, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, peripheral artery disease (PAD) and carotid plaque and enables those with positive results to be cared for can have enormous impact in preventing heart attacks and strokes.  The AngioScreen® program seeks to help the public understand their global vascular risk and what they can do to reduce risk. An informed screening participant becomes an educated patient, and sharing the ultrasound images enhances communication. The detection of actual plaque is a powerful way to change behavior. AngioScreen® is a proven tool of enabled communication motivating and educating participants to seek healthier life styles. Seeing one’s own plaque has served to encourage participants to see a physician and seek care to stay healthy. 

ACA is also proud to announce that in 2015 Angiology Corporation of America granted the exclusive license to provide AngioScreen® in five counties in Southeast Florida and the Caribbean to Tenet Florida Physician Services and the eleven Tenet Hospitals served by these physicians. AngioScreen® is now available outside the U.S. and in South Florida to residents and tourists.


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