YOUniversity- Sophomore Year

Freshman year was all about the fundamentals of connecting with who YOU are. Sophomore year is all about connecting with your employees. Employee engagement is a huge buzz-word and the wellness industry is scrambling to offer you solutions and stats on how this will be the game-changer for your company. Come join the conversation and together we will raise the bar of human living through employee connections.

You don’t have to be an alumni of YOUniversity to attend this class.  All are welcome. The only prerequisite is a willingness to connect and desire to have fun.

“Professors” Jesse Gavin and Mitch Martens will take you through unique experiences and provide creative tools that’s sure to increase organizational engagement.  If you learn best by doing, this is your class. If you are looking for a death by power-point and stats pontification session, you might want to skip this course. Enrollment is limited so save your seat today!

Key course take-a-ways:

  1. Challenge the way we think about wellness
  2. Enhance your social wellbeing programs
  3. Impact your company culture
  4. Build lasting relationships

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