Win Up to $5,000 in Prizes at the Health and Wellness Trivia Contest!

How much sugar is in a Clif Bar?

Are heartburn pills safe for long term use?

Are eggs good for you…or just the whites?

Do cigarettes expose you to dihydrogen monoxide?

These are some of the multiple-choice questions you or your team can answer – and win prizes for – in the Health and Wellness Trivia Contest, featuring some of the most educational but nonetheless entertaining material in all of healthcare, presented by former Jeopardy contestant and game show host Al Lewis.

Answers, by the way, are (1) tons; (2) no; (3) the whole egg, and (4) while cigarettes do lots of bad things, exposing you to dihydrogen monoxide is not one of them – that chemical is better known as “water.”

How can you create a culture of health without creating a culture of health literacy?  How can your employees be “empowered” to spend their (and your) healthcare dollars if they haven’t been trained?  What is the upside to giving your employees money while leaving them in the dark on how to spend it?

By “training” you on health and healthcare literacy, this trivia contest – which features more than $5000 in prizes for the winners and runners-up – will show you what your employees need to know…but don’t. Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of health literacy in creating a culture of health
  • How to make health education engaging for employees
  • How wiser employees make healthier  – and more cost-effective decisions

Most importantly, attendees will have a great time and could win autographed copies of Al’s best-selling books…while the winner gets $5000 worth of Quizzify for their colleagues!

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