Using Reference Based Pricing, Direct Contracting and Cash Payments to Reduce Employers Spend Significantly

If you are frustrated with the rising cost of your company’s health care spend and feel that there is little you can do to reduce or flatten the trend, then think again.  In this panel meeting, we will share four methods that you can implement now and provide examples and proof points for each.   There are real solutions to mitigating cost increases for Plan Sponsors today.

In this innovative session learn how an employer has used reference-based pricing, direct contracting and cash payments to reduce their spend for the past seven years and helped them realize a 3% trend over seven years.

Attendees of this session will:

  • Understand the truths and misconceptions about Referenced Based Pricing and Direct Contracting
  • Understand that large employers can get more advantageous direct contracts then what you would get with carrier PPO’s
  • Learn how cash payment/fast payment options are being implemented and providers are accepting Medicare-like payment levels
  • Understand how you can permanently fix health care costs for your organization and enrichen benefits for employees – learn how this Employer did just this!
  • Learn about the biggest trends that Employers are taking advantage of now to reduce their spend – there are more options now then just HMO’s and PPO’s

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