THE BUSINESS OF GENOMICS SUMMIT | Precision Medicine: Next Generation Healthcare

The field of genomics and precision medicine is set to alter the foundation of how we administer healthcare. By examining an individual’s genome, we create customized medical plans tailor made for them. This is a solution for real engagement, beyond health and wellness by creating informed healthcare consumers with detailed information about their unique health.

Advances in genomic testing have lowered the cost of testing making it affordable for everyone. This has led to an awakening of the potential of genetic information. Using an individual’s DNA a determination of proper and most effective medications ideal dosage and what conditions – if any – you are predisposed. These advances will make modern diagnosing look like a guessing game.

Yet, many genomic companies are having difficulty procuring enough samples to create a diverse dataset.

In an effort to help advance this exciting field and bridge the gap between genomic companies and providers and employers we are excited to bring you the Precision Medicine & Predictive Health Summit.  Employers can improve their predictive power by providing genetic tests for their employee population. The results will improve the healthcare employees receive while reducing the company healthcare costs overall.

This Summit will give the attendees the opportunity to meet and network with VIPs from these companies to begin their collaboration right away!

  • An overview of the genomics industry
  • How genomics will affect the healthcare delivery system.
  • How including a genomic testing benefit can lower healthcare costs, improve employee health and wellness
  • Learn the best way to approach and pitch genomic testing to large employers

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