The Business Case for Direct Contracting with Direct Primary Care Model Practices

Direct Primary Care is emerging as a significant opportunity for self-funded employers looking to enhance benefits and lower their aggregate spend for health benefits.  Direct Primary Practices represent the best model for value-based, high quality, Accountable Care.  Direct Primary Care represents the most logical approach to payment reform for primary care, that aligns the efforts of the primary care team with the employer sponsor of the benefit plan and the true needs of their covered individual. This presentation will provide an overview of the Direct Primary Care model from its beginning to the present time. The presentation will provide an overview of the benefits of direct Contracting with Direct Primary Care practices. The presentation will provide an overview of how to structure compensation models for Direct Primary Care that maximize The value of the direct contracting relationship. Attendees of this session will learn:

  • How a Direct Primary Care Model practice operates and which characteristics suggested a high performing primary care capability
  • How to evaluate overall primary care spending and performance using their own historical claims data which include insight into downstream spending reduction opportunities
  • The process of selecting and recruiting the “correct community” of primary care, already offering Direct Primary Care or able to adopt the Direct Primary Care Model based on the needs of your covered individuals
  • The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of success through direct contracting with Direct Primary Care Model practices

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