Positive Disruptive Change: We’ve Hit the Trifecta – Quality of Care, Patient Experience and Cost Savings

Navigating the healthcare system is complicated.  Patients are uninformed, member experience in healthcare is amongst the lowest of all consumer-facing industries and costs are unpredictable and rising.  There is an abundance of vendors, each with a solution, but how can employers make sure they are the right vendors? This session moderated by SurgeryPlus’ CEO will include two employers across varying industries talk about how their model can improve the quality of benefits and generate results versus alternatives in the marketplace.  We will explore:

  • Superior quality – How do various options in the marketplace control for quality?  SurgeryPlus will discuss their approach and how it compares to alternatives
  • Better experience – Healthcare is amongst the lowest ranking consumer-facing industries in customer satisfaction.  On top of that, members are ill equipped to make the best decisions.  How can we provide a better service and ensure members are well informed on their options?
  • Savings and cost management – Every year costs are rising. What can be done to manage benefits spend in the surgical space?  How can employers reduce risk when implementing innovative strategies?

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