Part II of the Healthcare Revolution Forum: Learn and Apply Evidence-based Business Modeling to Early-stage Ventures

We continue to operate in a time of exponential and rapid rates of change. Leaders in large companies, new tech healthcare start-ups, and small businesses traditionally have endured a hit-or-miss proposition and significant risk while launching new initiatives. But recently, a new process has emerged to improve outcomes and navigate new solutions in a changing landscape.

Evidence-based entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship favor experimentation over elaborate planning, customer feedback over intuition, and iterative design over traditional “big design up front” development.

In this informative discussion, attendees will learn first-hand concepts such as minimum viable product, customer segmentation, and discovery, the importance of identifying and testing assumptions, and more.

Evidence-based change leadership practices can be used for launching a new company, customer segment or division. All companies should understand how to minimize risk and gain empathy from their potential customers to uncover where their differentiation alleviates the biggest pain and the best strategy for connecting and converting customers.

Learn first-hand to deliver impact and refine innovations to solve the right problems. It could be the difference between building something that doesn’t meet marketplace needs or providing a solution that resonates and fits perfectly within the marketplace.

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