Part I of the Healthcare Revolution Forum: How to Increase Credibility and Probability of Raising Funds

The speed of change is at an all-time high. Leaders in large companies, new healthcare start-ups, and small businesses now must continually validate their market assumptions and retool their market fit.

As the number of innovative and disruptive health technologies seems to compound year over year, many domain experts and ambitious leaders are competing to stay ahead and expand market size.

Unfortunately, many leaders spend precious capital and time without an understanding of key fundamentals necessary to minimize risk and avoid pitfalls associated with launching a new enterprise, enlisting supporters, and funding their strategy.

In this informative discussion, attendees will learn insights to increase the credibility and probability of raising support/funds for a new enterprise, growth strategy, or business unit.

This session will cover the investor mindset and strategies to stand out and quickly gain support/funds. Including: mastering the pitch, validating assumptions and entwining evidence to legitimize your growth strategy/use of proceeds, establishing key revenue streams, quantifying your business and market opportunity, and communicating your market landscape.

Learn first-hand from seasoned business people how to generate excitement for the feasibility, scalability, and sellability of your strategy

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