No More Cost Shifting! The Employee Benefits of Reference-Based Pricing

Employers, especially those with self-funded health plans, have a great responsibility to ensure the plan’s funds are spent wisely and judiciously. In fact, for the self-funded community, employers have a fiduciary responsibility to effectively manage the plan’s costs. Companies nationwide are searching for new solutions to provide great healthcare at a reasonable cost. This is evidenced by the recent announcement of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, who are exploring the creation of a new company to provide high quality, low-cost healthcare. For many companies, traditional insurance plans are missing the mark and therefore more companies are coming to the forefront in their recognition of the need for pricing transparency, fairness and affordable healthcare.

Kelly will address how reference-based pricing solutions not only empower employers to be good stewards of their health plans, but also provide many benefits to employees. While many in the healthcare industry hold the notion that reference-based pricing is too disruptive for employees, a deeper look will prove otherwise. Kelly will summarize what reference-based pricing is, how it works for employers and the many ways it can benefit employees, such as supporting reduced out-of-pocket costs, more robust benefit plans and promoting utilization of more affordable care options.

To illustrate and validate the value of this approach, Kelly will share actual client case studies of companies who adopted reference-based pricing to reduce their healthcare spend and deliver improved healthcare coverage to their workforce.

  • Gain insight into the financial burden of high-deductible health plans for the more than 150 million Americans who receive coverage through their workplace
  • Understand reference-based pricing and how employees can benefit from this plan/model
  • Hear actual client case studies of companies who utilize reference-based pricing to reduce their healthcare spend and turned those savings into rich benefit plans for their employees
  • Learn how to improve employee adoption and engagement on health plans

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