MENTAL & BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SUMMIT | Beyond Emojis: Emotional Resilience that Lasts a Lifetime

Former Oprah Show Producer, Erin Barbossa, knew that there had to be a better way. After observing how high performing individuals struggled with intense stress in the workplace, she left the television industry and became a therapist. She knew that psychotherapy was clinically proven to increase sleep quality, concentration and self-awareness…all things that would enhance a person’s effectiveness, satisfaction and resilience at work.

Consider this. We all think it’s important to go to the dentist twice year and brush our teeth regularly to take care of our oral hygiene. Why don’t we take the same proactive approach to maintaining our mental and emotional health? Managers have the opportunity to be great coaches, but they can’t be therapists. True sustainable resilience is most effectively achieved through a confidential, intimate relationship with a licensed clinician. Erin will describe the benefits of providing these therapeutic services onsite during the workday.

Evidence-based talk therapy is a strategic and clinically-proven approach to keep your team emotionally resilient. When individuals have the capacity to handle the inevitable ups and downs of the workplace, they project a positive impact on all those around them. A sense of strength and trust will ripple throughout your organization, thereby improving your culture.

Your team is thirsting for meaningful, internal growth beyond the what we typically offer with technical, job-specific training, or one-size-fits-all personal development. Erin talks about how you can provide a growth opportunity that will last even beyond the time an individual works at your company. Imagine being able to offer that in a way that’s clinically proven to be effective. How much more dedicated to your people could you be? In this session, Erin shares her observations and experience with companies who are ready to take investment in their employees to the next level.

  • The critical components of effective psychotherapy and how it enhances the your team members’ emotional and mental resilience
  • The difference between what a manager or coach can offer versus a licensed clinical therapist
  • The difference between employee support delivered through an EAP, traditional medical benefits versus onsite therapeutic sessions during the workday
  • How the effects of psychotherapy can extend beyond the participant to those around her in a positive ripple effect throughout an organization
  • How you can implement an onsite therapeutic program at your company

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