MENTAL & BEHAVIORAL HEALTH | Realizing the Promise of Personal Growth and Psychological Resilience in the Workplace

“The body always keeps the score.”  The stress and insomnia that runs rampant with Americans — along with the depression, anxiety and trauma realized by 50% of the population during their lifetimes — will inevitably place a heavy toll on physical health. It is a fact that if people are healthy, mental illness will make them less able to deal successfully with daily life and make them far more susceptible to physical illness. For those who are already sick, mental illness will make them sicker and far less able to do what is necessary to heal.

Employers increasingly understand that where they can make the biggest impact on the overall health and productivity of their employees is to raise the overall psychological resilience of their workforce. Thought-leading companies like Salesforce are deploying new technology-based solutions that can scale to deliver affordable, evidenced-based behavioral health and psychological resilience skills training programs to their entire U.S. and international workforce.

As Fik Isaac states, “There is no health without behavioral health.” Come learn about a top technology company in the Silicon Valley and the deployment of psychological resilience training programs that combines the benefits of evidence-based treatment; online learning; the healing power of groups; and advanced analytic capabilities.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the structural limitations of traditional behavioral healthcare delivery methods, including the impact of a critical national shortage of skilled behavioral healthcare providers
  2. Understand the economic impact of treatable mental illness on employees and employers
  3. Understand the inextricable link between employees’ psychological resilience to anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia and other behavioral health challenges and employers’ healthcare utilization costs
  4. Understand the emerging behavioral healthcare landscape, including mobile apps; onsite/near site care delivery models; and digital therapeutics for behavioral health
  5. Understand how new behavioral health solutions with powerful advanced analytic capabilities are revolutionizing the role that corporate Human Resources and employee
benefits groups play in making data driven decisions to actively manage the health, productivity, and psychological resilience of their workforces
  6. Examine the positive impact of a large technology company integrating scalable, evidence-based psychological resilience training programs into its employee onboarding process and employee benefits program, including empirical usage, clinical outcomes, and productivity data.

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