Medical Travel Excellence through Accreditation

How does the medical travel industry move towards excellence?  Why is it important not to maintain the status quo but to constantly improve, change, adapt and move towards excellence.   How can moving toward excellence result in better business outcomes and a return on investment in your medical travel program.   How does creating a better patient experience actually align your organization around the entire medical travel process (medical travel care continuum), and create a foundation for success.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Increase patient volume by integrating the entire medical travel process into a “medical travel care continuum” that results in better outcomes, satisfaction and patient experience and more
  • Understand why some healthcare systems have challenges growing their international patient volume while others are
  • Understand what patients are looking for and what is involved in excellence
  • Understand the changing needs and demands of both patients and healthcare buyers
  • How to create an online brand that exemplifies what the organization is in real life:

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