Leading the Way: How Employers are Improving America’s Healthcare System

Healthcare costs aren’t lowering themselves. See how innovative employers are taking control.

Slowing healthcare spending while improving healthcare experience is a tall order. It requires thinking outside of the box — something for which US companies are renowned. There is a long history of employers innovating in healthcare to bring about positive change. Join us to learn what leading employers are doing differently to provide:

  • Better care for the buck,
  • The right site for care,
  • Personalized help,
  • Targeted solutions, and
  • Better engagement through technology

This panel will discuss what employers are doing as well as the importance of employer advocacy for health policies with lawmakers and regulators in Washington DC.

Attendees will learn:

  • Broad spectrum of employer actions to manage health care costs
  • You don’t have to be a jumbo employer to benefit from innovation
  • Why employer advocacy efforts are important in Washington DC
  • Health policies needed to further support employer innovation in health benefits



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