Healthcare, Benefits & Wellness Marketing in the Age of Facebook and Google – People-Based Marketing That’s Not Creepy

In a world where we receive 100 advertising messages a day, how will your Healthcare / Wellness / and Benefits message stand out?  Your digital marketing efforts must get in front of the people that are considering your healthcare plans, wellness programs and healthcare services BEFORE they start evaluating your competition. The challenge is how to find these people.  In this highly informative session, learn from a veteran digital marketer – and CEO of – how you can leverage big data and social media to identify the patterns your customers take before they purchase.  And of course, how to market to them to directly.

In this session you will learn:

  • The most common mistake Healthcare, Wellness, and Benefits organizations make in their website and internet based marketing efforts.
  • How to define who your customer really is based on their problems, tasks and goals they are trying to solve
  • How to identify what your potential customers are doing right before they purchase
  • A proven and stable method for identifying the exact people that are searching for your product right now
  • The process for marketing to these people (leads) in social media

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