Global Healthcare Accreditation Symposium

Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) invites you to participate in the Global Healthcare Accreditation Symposium to be held on October 29th at the Orange County Convention Center during the HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION conference, an integrated conference of the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, and the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.
Medical travel is a growing industry yet one that is currently underserved. There is little data regarding healthcare outcomes and patient experience, and oftentimes a lack of understanding by healthcare providers respecting the unique needs and expectations of medical travelers.
The Global Healthcare Accreditation Symposium will bring together key industry thought-leaders to discuss how accreditation can enhance patient experience, mitigate risk and improve an organization’s operational performance.
Topics will include
⦁Medical Travel: From the “Wild West” Unaccountable to Maturity
⦁Accreditation as a Differentiator in Medical Travel
⦁How to Develop your Medical Travel Care Continuum™
⦁Designing the Patient Experience for Medical Travelers
⦁Strategies for Risk Mitigation in Medical Travel
⦁Driving Patient Engagement across the Medical Travel Care Continuum™
⦁Knowledge vs. Anecdotes: Featuring Case studies from GHA Accredited Providers
Who should attend?
⦁Hospital CEO’s, CMO’s COO’s, CFO’s, and Department Heads
⦁Key staff responsible for the medical travel or global patient services program
⦁Government representatives, Insurers, employers, medical travel facilitators and others interested in understanding how accreditation can impact patient experience and healthcare outcomes.