From Taboo to True You: Filling the Holes in Whole Wellness & Those Sensitive Subjects We Pretend to Not Talk About

The current trend in workplace wellness is to embrace employees in a more holistic manner by recognizing that they are multi-layered in their wants and needs.  However, as we expand from the traditional biometric view of an employee and open up these multi-dimensional floodgates, it leaves many employers anxious and confused on where to draw the line.  How do we address if someone is upset about national politics, struggling with their sexuality, living in their car, scared to admit that they are hooked on opioids, feeling marginalized or bullied at work?  These are the real issues plaguing our employee’s wellbeing and if we want them to show up to work authentically, then we have to prepare our leaders and wellness team with the tools and skills to address them.

In this fun and interactive panel discussion you will get to hear from leading experts and what they are doing at their organizations. The audience will also put these experts to the test by throwing practical issues at them to address.  Together we will practice what we preach by making this session unrehearsed, honest and real so you can bring meaningful solutions back to your workplace. If you are looking for a quick-fix pill, skip this session. If you are looking to build an authentic wellness program, this will not disappoint.

In joining this session, attendees will:

  • Understand how to improve connections with employees
  • Learn techniques to build and foster an environment that supports authentic employees
  • Identify ways to approach difficult/uncomfortable conversations
  • Recognize and address gaps in your current wellness program

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