FIRESIDE CHAT: Women’s Leadership “Ask the Experts”

Join this interactive Q&A segment dedicated to the business of women’s health and well-being.

We focus our energies on taking care of those around us; however, we neglect the source of our strength – which lies within. As a woman, do you ask yourself how do you get what you want, both in your professional and your personal life? How does leadership manifest itself in the workplace and the home? Can you negotiate effectively with your clients, colleagues, peers and family? How do we define success? What are your professional and personal goals? These are questions we ask ourselves every day as women.

Join us for an inspiring “Ask the Experts” fireside chat where you will be in the presence of power.  Through interactive discussions, this session will have you leaving transformed, energized and empowered!

In this session we will explore with leading women the following topics:

  • Women, representing all phases of life, sharing stories of striving for success, experiences of adversity and learning from setbacks – the foundation for resilience and growth
  • Influential, high profile speakers who have excelled in leadership positions
  • Experienced business experts lead discussions on how to get what you want in the workplace and in life
  • Informative panel discussions from women just like you sharing strategies for success
  • Practical strategies on conquering the ongoing quest for work-life balance

EHBC & WMTC’s joint women’s events serve as a commitment and vision to share ideas, opportunities and means to overcome obstacles inherent in the delivery of care and benefits locally and abroad.

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