Do Not Sell a Service, Sell an Experience (Power Session)

How does understanding the needs of an international patient impact your practice? From the user experience on promotional and educational channels through the experience at your destination. This session will explore how Sani Medical Tourism is creating an impact in Los Algodones, from Molar City to a complete healthcare destination. Is a strong medical team enough to succeed in health tourism? When you are competing in an international level, quality should be a given. Patients decide on their destination and care provider far before you have a chance to prove your quality. How does “patient experience” affects the decision making process of the patient? In this presentation two experts in the field will share their journey to create one of Mexico’s strongest brands in health tourism, by attending, you will learn how to:

  • Build an experience that starts with the digital channels
  • Identify the perks of your destination and use them at your advantage
  • Build a health tourism program through horizontal integration or commercial alliances

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