Advancements in Health Technology

I’m trying to reach you on WhatsApp

Or some other app on my phone. I’m starting to lose track of all of my texting options.

I’m known as not being too tech-savvy… at least not by my IT guy.

But, I don’t need to be.

I have an iPhone with about two dozen apps that measure my temperature, heart rate, calories I eat, the number of steps I walk, and the number of Z’s I got the night before.

If all goes well, during my next virtual visit with my concierge physician, she will already know how inconsistent I have been in sticking to my goals.

The evolution of healthcare delivery inevitably requires technology solutions and interoperability, along with user-friendly add-ons and interfaces to keep us engaged.

How can we become primarily tech-driven when 85% percent of patients choose compassion over pricing when choosing a doctor?

With artificial intelligence, compassion is now at the heart of technology…hard to imagine?

When I started the Medical Tourism Association – organizing inbound and outbound care – doctors from outbound nations acted as if we were taking the bread off their tables. They could not understand how a physician-patient relationship could provide personalized medicine halfway across the globe.

Now, this argument is as dead as the notion that doctors can’t perform robotic surgery on a patient thousands of miles away, and subsequent follow-up care via WeChat.

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and innovations have taken over our lives.

That’s why HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION brings in Change Agents to talk about this transformation and how they each serve to drive solutions into the hands, and hearts, of their patients, insureds, and employees.

Tell me what kind of change agent you are and what solutions you innovate with. Nominate yourself or others for the Я100 INNOVATION AWARDS.